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Graduated Cum Laude in Architecture and Sustainable Technology at the Politecnico di Milano His thesis, “Remixing Architecture through urban culture, The Bronx revolution” was selected as one of the best thesis’ of the year. It has also been chosen to represent the Politecnico di Milano for the “International schools of Architecture prize” at the Barcelona Biennale 2018, nominee to participate to the  RIBA President’s medals prize 2018, the most prestigious award in architectural education worldwide and recently selected by the AIA American Institute of Architects to be part of  “CLOSE TO THE EDGE, The birth of Hip Hop Architecture” collection.


Since 2018 he’s working as a freelance on architectural, design and cultural projects,  In 2019 he’s been appointed to take part to the national prize NewItalianBlood NIB TOP 10 Architecture UNDER36 and he had co-founded along with Matteo Arietti SPACE TRAVELLERS Architects a collaborative think-tank for Architecture and beyond, Under their direction SPACE TRAVELLERS Won the EUROPAN 15 Norway and reach significant positions in other international architectural competitions.

In the early stages of his professional career from 2013 he worked for more than 2 years in the Milan-based for Archistudio-architectural group service (2013) and LAND Srl (2014) Furthermore, he worked for two more years in the Netherlands for Karres enBrands Landscapearchitects (2014-15) and for De Architekten Cie (2015-16).

In 2019 Back in Milan he worked with METROGRAMMA (2019) with them and in collaboration with STEFANO BOERI Architects, he leads the team who won IL PARCO DEL PONTE competition, the international competition to regenerate the area of Morandi bridge in Genova collapsed during summer 2018. 

In 2020 he Come back to LAND Italia, within the LAND Team he works on various projects mainly focused on Urban regeneration.  From March 2020 he’s managing the urban regeneration project of the Ex Falck Areas in Sesto San Giovanni a beautiful 140 ha masterplan designed in collaboration with Foster and Partners.

In 2021 he becomes LAND Italia youngest Director.

Since 2017 he’s collaborating with the DASTU the Department of Urban Planning of Politecnico di Milano Schools of Architecture, where he’s been an assistant professor for the design studio “ M.Arch. II Town and planning design studio”  and invited lecturer at the M.Arch “Urban Design studio”, both led by P.hd Grazia Concilio, Moreover to Academia di Belle Arti di Roma and at  5TH Public space biennale at Uni ROMA3


In 2018 he had co-conceived and founded “Una Nuova Generazione” a collective of young designers that are working with the auspices of ADI Associazione per il Disegno industrial e Fondazione ADI Collezione Compasso D’Oro.




- LEX Landtag Extentios

- NEW ERA WHARF Europan 15

- LaLuna City of Dream Pavilion


- MIND House of Europe

LAND Italia Srl

- Ex Aree Falck Sesto San Giovanni

- Ex Trotto Milano San Siro

- Airport Park Riyadh


Gen 2020

City of Dream Pavilion


DEC 2019

Europan 15 Norway

1° Place  


SEPT 2019

Il Parco del Ponte

1° Place  


- Il Parco del Ponte

- Milano Future city

- Szervieta Building Budapest

- Shanghai Tower

Personal Works

NOV 2016-


2° Place  

Personal Works 2016/2018

-Level House Milano

-SunglassH. Retail NL

- Cycle workshop and coffee

- Action Park Skatepark

- Back Showroom

- INProspettiva

- LandCraft Academy

- The Liberland Experiment

SEPT 2016-

The Liberland Experiment  

1° Place  

DE Architekten CIE

MAY 2015-

ING Head Office  

1° Place  

DE Architekten CIE

- Soyuz Waterfront

- Hotel Warmeland

- Hotel Rai

- Vavilova residential complex

- ING Headquartest

DEC 2014-

Hotel RAI  


NOV 2014-

Soyuz Waterfront  


Karres en Brands Landscape Architects 

- TU Delft sign stratey

- TU Delft paving stratey

- Nieuwe willemshaven

- Residential Campus saint Rembert

- Antwerp Competition

- IFC competition Moscow

- Serp e Molot Moscow

- Werf35

- Skovlunde

- Tampere Silmukka

LAND S.r.l.

- Unicredit Redevelopment project

- Expo Kazakstan 2017 central pavilion

- Medellin Riverfront competition

- Quatar Expo 2015 Pavilion

MAY 2014-

Serp & Molot 


Karres en Brands Landscape Architects

MAY 2014-



MAR 2014-

IFC Moscow  


LAND S.r.l.

JULY 2013-

Quatar Expo 2015 Pavilion  


JUNE 2013-

Expo Kazakstan 2017 central pavilion 



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Milano IT

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