IFC Moscow

IFC Moscow

Karres en Brands

Competition Finalist

Partner in charge: Bart Brands

Team: Darius Reznek, A.Bulloni


 The design is proposing an exclusive environment with the amenities of a city in the peaceful and beautiful location of in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye. The needs of the financial community will have be met and supported by a socio-economic environment that will turn the center into a viable stand-alone city, offering living standards comparable to leading cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong.Above all, it requires a specific financial profile for Moscow be reviewed with the client, but could provide a competitive economic, regulatory and fiscal environment that  international bilingual court and own administration based on international standards giving companies a sound, stable, secure and growth-oriented platform for their business. The park is essentially a strong three dimensional landscape framework which will be the future public space network of the city. It will accommodate strategic reservations for infrastructural works and holds as well an agenda for future connections to the wider surrounding. It also contains a sustainable water network for the entire development. Its main Central Park and pocket park spine. Arkhangelskoe Gardens will be the highlight

of the park. nects the Kremlin with the embankment parks along the river south. The Arkhangelskoe Gardens will be the future heart of a mixed use city district. With the sinuous park structure there is a lot of interface between development frontages and green landscape. In east the area reaches to the Great Trade Street and on the west to the Small Trade Street.  Altogether the area is an alternated urban housing and living-the embankment will have a varied with and will become an extensive and dynamic landscape on natural terms with different appearances in dry, wet and cold periods. Its extensive appearance creates a nice contrast with the intensity of the other green spaces. Along the embankment landscape parks a pronounced succession of exclusive domains will take shape. With massing varying in height it builds a varied skyline with great views and vistas towards the embankment, river and rest of Moscow. Central Park is green space with central green space with  cultural destinations along the main Rubelskaya Road. Around this park stands a mix of high quality stately housing and office buildings, high end representative offices and embassies.


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