Competition 2° Prize

Andrea Bulloni & Matteo Ciabattini + GROUP


Bring, accompany and reveal what is under the eyes of everyone and no one realizes, making protagonists

citizens of Sesto San Giovanni and anyone passing the route from Buozzi flyover to the crane are the focal points of the project strategy. The prospect, available in three different ways (illusive- painting, sound, theatrical), is the medium that helps us to develop such a strategy because if you as we learn from Paul Valery, “civilization’s perspective”, the future of the city passes through this method of representation. What is the genuine identity of Sesto San Giovanni?

One linked to the partisan battles? One of the big factories? Or maybe the more recent linked to Street Art through artists such as Pao or Orticanoodles? The underpass ‘’ is thought of as the place for listing the authenticity scene and, in the case of our project of ‘’ authentic J-town. “ It is not just a ride: there shall come to discover ephemeral architecture

of wood and lighting effects that change the perception of space, to visit an art gallery where street artists will compete in the contest, to learn -in white room Central - unexpected details on the Archaeological Park Industrial former Breda, such as that in 2017 the Tower of models turn 70 ... and everything will take us out changed ...


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