SOYUZ Riverfront

De Architekten CIE

Competition finalist

Partner in charge: Pero Puliz

Team: J.W. Baijnse, J.Cammarota, A.Bulloni F.Visco, D.Barbero G.Zotov, T. Gougaze, C. Alvarado



Surrounded by three residential blocks, the Water Plaza is a semipublic space which can be closed off if wished, it is mostly used by inhabitants in the way of an open-air lobby. Slightly raised patios in front of the Concert Hall Theatre celebrate views to the Moscow River and Sparrow

Hills. Retail plaza with existing renovated building acts as a “social condenser” and the place to meet. Partially covered with a glass roof, the plaza extends into the atrium, creating a unique winter garden which allows theinhabitants to enjoy even in cold and snowy winter. The vibrant mix of cultural, recreational, residential and retail facilities, together with the new waterfront boulevard would create both an epicenter of public activities and a quiet oasis in the center of the city at the same time. The project is a place which synchronizes and articulates the new, 21-st

century cosmopolitan culture in Moscow. BOARDWALK On the river level, the new boardwalk parallel to the embankment generates a serene space. It offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, with beautiful views of the river and the forest of Sparrow hills. The boardwalk also serves as a dock for all sorts of water transport.

FRAMEWORK; Each of the new structure addresses the new waterfront boulevard with its special gesture; the theatre by its stepped platforms, the apartment blocks by a sloped water plaza and offices and retail programs by a triangular square. The Boulevard is planted with three rows of trees and paved with a unifying material from the edge of the buildings to the edge of the embankment. Such treatment slows down the traffic and creates a pleasant pedestrian area. The framework is a backbone of the plan and it combines efficiency with aesthetics. The traffic is organized as a single “loop” which connects directly to the waterfront boulevard, the main access to the site. This allows easy access to all parking areas, as well as convenient connections to every building.


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